The snorefree App

snorefree is the first app that can free you from the problem of snoring. Permanently and without the need for expensive or uncomfortable devices.

The app contains a series of easy-to-follow video training exercises based on speech therapy techniques, for you to quickly learn. Your daily customized workout is tailored to fit easily, efficiently and precisely to you and your personal exercise patterns.

The snorefree app is your very own fitness studio for the lips, tongue and throat. Tailored to fit easily, efficiently and precisely to you and your personal exercise patterns. This digital version of the speech therapy-based snoring treatment program focuses not on the symptoms of snoring, but on the causes of snoring.

Snoring is almost always caused by a muscular weakness in the throat and pharynx area. The tissue becomes saggy and impedes the airways during sleep. snorefree strengthens the muscles in the throat, in the same way that voice training works for singers and public speakers.

Snoring is not some kind of harmless condition, so don’t underestimate it! It not only means you’re disturbing your partner’s sleep, for snoring can also become a problem for your personal health, namely when it also triggers the condition known as apnea. This can cause aggravated symptoms like chronic daytime drowsiness, general declines in mental and physical performance, and over the long term, even to strokes or heart attacks.  

The app contains a series of easy-to-follow exercises, and our specially developed algorithm means that it can adapt to your personal training patterns. 

To allow you to achieve the best possible results, we have split your personal workout into 4 levels. The snorefree algorithm will compile your daily exercise program, and we will guide you through your training, step by step. Your training schedule is tailored exactly to your requirements, and you’ll be able to see your progress. By training just 10 -15 minutes every day, you’ll achieve significant results after three weeks or so.

The videos explain the snorefree exercises in detail to you, and you’ll be told about the errors you might possible make in your training. This is a highly effective substitute for face-to-face contact with a therapist.

Test 6 snorefree exercises right now free of charge, and see the effectiveness of the snorefree method for yourself. It’s true to our principle of “training is better than surgery”. 

snorefree will give you a much more relaxing sleep, so improving your life. After all, a deeper, healthier sleep is essential for better quality of life, productivity and the ability to perform mentally and physically day-to-day, and for greater harmony in the bedroom.

We offer a free version of snorefree, allowing you to check out 6 exercises and the app with a reduced range of functions. There are 4 different subscriptions for the full version of the snorefree program.

* 12 months * best price * for €89.99 per year (the cost for just a 1 hour consultation with a speech therapist) – meaning you save a full €30.00 

*  3 months for €26.99 – at the introductory price – a saving of €3 to you 

*  1st month NOW at the introductory price of ONLY €1.99 – then at the regular price of €9.99 per month

*  available soon: snorefree Lifetime for only €199,99 instead of € 379.-

Current prices for austria and germany. The prices in other countries is adjusted to their income per capita, so that snorers worldwide can use the benefits of the snorefree training.

Subscriptions are automatically renewed unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the expiry of the current subscription period. You can cancel your subscription at any time using your iTunes account settings. The unused time of the discounted test version will lapse when you purchase a subscription. Further information can be found in our snorefree Privacy Policy and the snorefree Terms and Conditions.