The snorefree Method

Snoring is not a harmless thing, do not underestimate it! Not only does it bother your partner while he or she sleeps, it can also be a health problem for yourself, especially when snoring is causing respiratory distress. This can result in more severe symptoms such as chronic daytime fatigue, overall performance losses and, in the long run, even stroke or heart attack.

The snorefree method is a unique training program developed by the famous Viennese speech therapist Dario Lindes, which he has successfully practiced for more than 10 years. In more than 80% of his patients, a significant improvement in sleep quality and a strong reduction in snoring sounds can be observed after only a couple of weeks.

The snorefree app is your personal gym for the lips, tongue and throat. Gentle, efficient and exactly adapted to you and your practice behaviour. The digital implementation of this logopedic snoring therapy does not treat the symptom, but goes directly to the root cause of snoring!

Snoring is almost always caused by a muscular weakness in the throat. The tissue relaxes and blocks the airway during sleep. With our Snoring App the muscles in the throat are specifically strengthened, like in a vocal training for singers and speakers.